Megan + Peter were married on July 18, 2009, and currently live in Boone NC.  We will be leaving for a cross-country road trip in August 2010, hopefully for many months of adventure.  This blog is an gateway into sharing our experiences with us, and after it is all over, hopefully for sharing the rest of our lives as well.

We are young, in our twenties, have no children, no pets, and not very much money (but always enough).
We have dreams, a ukulele, a good car, good minds, some sweet camping stuff, and a queen size air mattress (Megan insisted on this.)

We have a stuffed teddy bear named Cubby.  He is coming on our cross-country trip with us. Below is a picture of him:

Below is a picture of him playing the ukulele:

As of 2011 we adopted a puppy, Gwendolyn (Gwynny for short!), a Welsh-Corgi mix.