Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Last Minute

So while buying sea-worthy skirts for my kayaks I had the opportunity to buy a 1300 kayak for 700 dollars.  After thinking on it a couple of days, I realized it was an excellent deal and that I really needed a better touring kayak to handle the potential storm/water conditions of Lake Superior and the Atlantic Ocean (and any other strong big-water currents).  So I traded in my smaller kayak, a Perception Swifty, which was really better suited to quiet lakes and small rivers, for the Current Designs Whistler, which has two hatches, a load capacity of 400 pounds, and a rudder controlled by foot paddles.  I'm really happy with it, and can't wait to put in the water and test it against some big waves!

I thought I'd also take some pictures of this "bark" I've been making for wilderness trips, either kayak overnights or small backpacking trips.  I also photographed my first batch of chicken jerky.  


  Hmm...chicken jerky.  Resembles dog treats, but tastes alright.  Spicy, but needed more flavor.  Next time, I will marinate the chicken a good while before dehydrating instead of just rubbing in spices, and then brushing Worcestershire sauce on top.

Pasta bark.  Basically I cooked a heavy pasta (I used penne) that normally would take forever to cook on a backpacking stove, and after fully cooked mixed with fat-free marinara sauce and food processed until it became a mashed potato like consistency.  Then spread on GREASED parchment paper (or else, like my first batch, you'll be left with lots of bits of extra fiber on the bottom of the bark) until brittle.  Now all I need is a bottle of merlot!


This was the sketchiest thing I dehydrated.  Potato bark, or really just dehydrated mashed potatoes made with fat-free broth instead of milk and butter.  Turned out nothing like the picture I saw and got a weird, white powdery texture over some sides of it.  Looks like crap, but hopefully, when cooked in boiling water, will turn out as tasty mashed taters.  

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