Sunday, September 26, 2010

Local Foods

So I'd thought I'd make a quick list of local foods we've eaten at various locations along the way.  I'll add to this as time goes by, but it's a good beginning.

Juicy Lucys - Twin Cities, Minnesota
Local cheese- Wisconsin
Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale-Munising Michigan (U.P)
Whitefish, fried- Munising Michigan (U.P)
Fudge (?)- Mackinaw Island
Cherry Stout, Cherry Mead, Cherry Wine- Leelenau Peninsula, Michigan (Cherry Capital of the World, apparently)
Chicago-style hot dogs and pizza- Chicago! (Outside of Chicago there is a state called Illinois)
Italian beef-dunked in juices!- Chicago
Garrett's Chicago Mix Popcorn

Delicious Lou Malnati's traditional Chicago deep dish pizza! So good!

Matt's Bar Jucy Lucy. Look at all that yummy melted cheese!

Looking forward to some more Chicago food, and then hitting up some great seafood in the N.E.


  1. Mackinac Island Fudge! So glad you love that Chicago Food...try Garret's Popcorn while you are there...mix the caramel and the cheese for the true Chicago Experience...I am from the "state" of Chicago, after all :) (I believe that quote was written on the wall of our bathroom in C-hall) Love you!

  2. Do you guys check out It's a good place to find local eateries that are rated by local ppl. It might be helpful in your travels!

  3. Thanks Kate, and we will definitely try that yummy combo popcorn. Oh C-hall, good times!

    I haven't checked that out before Jess but thanks for the great advice! How is Cali treating you?

  4. We are so jealous of that deep dish. MMMMMMMM.