Friday, November 5, 2010


So we've arrived at home, started applying for jobs, and are slowly settling in to "real life."  Weather is turning cold, Halloween is past, and our noses are sniffling.  Life is good, and home is the best.

But I've decided to change a few things.
 A) I'm going to do a lot more cooking.  This trip made me realized how delicious good food is, and how much I desire home made food everyday.  For starters, I plan to start baking all the bread and granola bars consumed in our household, for sandwiches, snacks,etc.  Should take about five-six hours a week.
 B) Keep in shape.  One great thing about Missouri is its a whole lot flatter!  This means I can bike farther and more leisurely and still get great exercise.

Will update about the bread adventure.  Seeing as my family has always made good bread, it's about time for to start too!

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