Saturday, May 29, 2010

We are late joiners

So as I sat here on a lovely Saturday reading and enjoying other people's creative and fun to read blogs, I decided Peter and I should join the fray. I'm sure when Peter's the author it will be deep and thoughtful and hopefully I will provide the day to day treasures of our blessed life.

Peter and I have decided on big news! After my current job with ASU is done in August, we are leaving Boone, NC and moving back to BSMO! Well for a little while anyway. Our master plan is once we get settled a bit in MO we will pack up my little Honda Roxie and hit the road Kerouac style (well not exactly like that as that book was a little crazy for me).

But I digress, our plan is to head north from MO in my car and hope for the best and see the best America has to offer. Then we intend to head east and hit all the major things such as
Amish country, antique shops, wild kayak wilderness, and so on. We hope to hit small towns and state parks, see family and crash with them, and of course the oddball roadside attractions along the way. I am going to buy a nice camera and learn how to take decent pictures for those who want to join us on the adventure.

We are also going to try to read through the bible together and volunteer and help people in whatever way we can. It's only God's grace that will get us through all this together time without killing each other. :)

Luckily so many places have wi-fi and we're still trying to decide if Peter's laptop is worth saving. But as for now we will update with travel plans and I will try to relieve my anxiousness about this trip through writing here and prayer! Everybody says do it now while we don't have kids, or jobs, or pets, or any other responsibilities!

After we travel we hope to settle in BSMO for a while and enjoy my family and all my friends that will be much closer than us living in NC.

Here's to a life well lived and hoping our money holds out.

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  1. You guys definitely need to do these travels before all those responsibilities. I'm headed out west this summer myself so I'm looking forward to hearing about what the east coast has to offer