Thursday, July 8, 2010

Teaching LNT

Well I gave my first Leave No Trace presentation to a group of twenty-odd high schoolers. Forgot to take any video for the Mast website, doh! Oh, well, I don't work there anymore anyways :) Overall, I think it went pretty well. For any one who is interested, Leave No Trace is a non-profit organization who promotes education and awareness of the land ethic-as Aldo Leopold (I had to look him up too) aptly put it, "The LAND ETHIC simply ENLARGES the boundaries of the COMMUNITY to include....the LAND."

I really like this quote, because, as a person who is about to embark on a cross-country quest of exploration, (personal) discovery, and creating memories with family and the land, the parks, wilderness areas, and cities of this nation then truly community.

There are seven principles. I won't list them-easy to find online. My awareness workshop with the high schoolers went like this:
1) a brief overview of history, need, and principles of LNT

2) split group of twenty-six into four groups of six. gave each some camping gear: tent, food/cooking stuff, mound fire stuff, and emergency survival/first aid kit/navigation stuff.

3) had each group play around with above stuff and share with the group how LNT applied to the items and/or how to responsibly use the equipment in a LNT way.

4) did a short talk about pooping in the woods. gave out pieces of brown felt to represent poops, and had five volunteers show (by placing brown felt on grass in a general area) how quickly human waste can add up in an area and how important it is to follow guidelines for properly disposing of it.

     Pretty much it. I think I'd like to do more with public LNT workshops; though, I'd like to work with an audience a little more interested in what I have to say.

     LNT is dynomite!!!!

Leave No Trace

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