Sunday, August 29, 2010

Welcome Home!

Well we made it safely to Blue Springs, MO! Somehow we fit everything in our 10 foot Budget truck, but as you can see by this picture it was quite the architectural feat by Peter! Nothing got broken and we only had to leave a few things behind that will go to a worthy cause of helping friends at a yard sale raise money for their planned adoption of a boy from Mongolia.

10' truck = way too small

We totally should have rented the 16 foot truck, but now we know for next time! Shout out to Arthur and Andrew who helped us pack stuff! Thanks guys!

Here are some pics of our new place. It is super clean and really nice. My parents are amazing and put so much work into this place. We feel so blessed to call it our own.

Nice blue bedroom!

Part of Peter's office.
Kitchen table and bakers rack we're using as a bar!
Good lookin kitchen!

Peter also has started an herb garden! They are perennials so they should grow back next spring. He's very handy to have around. All that work in his Mom's garden when he was younger paid off!

Got a great deal on the herbs! Whole project cost maybe $50!

Completed! Tasty herbs!

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  1. I love hearing about your journey...I know it will be an amazing time of adventure, discovery and growth for you as individuals and as a couple.
    Debbie Fisher