Monday, August 16, 2010

Anticipation for the big move!

Peter and I are hanging out with his family in these last couple lead up days to moving. I can't believe it's finally here . . . this Saturday, yikes! We will be finishing up all our packing and then loading up Saturday morning with a Budget truck and heading home to Blue Springs!

It's really hit Peter and I that we are leaving Boone, but we both feel peace about it and that we're doing the right thing. Transition changes have always been tough for me but pray for us as we make this big change.

So far our plans are to stay in Blue Springs for a little while and get settled in our cute new house (I'll post pics later once I get my darn camera/computer hookup cord). We might take a quick journey to the lake to visit my dad's parents and enjoy the end of our summer. Then around the first week in September we will be heading north through Iowa and heading to see my Uncle Rod and Aunt Sue in Minneapolis, MN!

Next we'll head towards Chicago as I have several family and friends in that area to crash with and to see all there is to the city. Then most likely we'll do some kayaking and camping along the Great Lakes.

After that adventure we will be heading East and the Northeast towards Maine and Vermont. Haven't nailed down our travel plans for that bit yet.

We will be ending our trip probably around the end of October for a visit back in Raleigh with Peter's family for the State Fair and a possible quick trip to the beach.

I am getting more and more excited for this trip and am so thankful for the opportunity and the generous family and friends we have that are willing to take us in. Please continue to pray for us and with our new netbook, camera and flip video (thanks Paul and Meredith!)  we should be able to keep a good account of our adventures along the way.

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