Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Picture post

While relaxing in a hotel near Niagara Falls I thought I'd add some picture from the last few weeks.

The amount and cheap price of pumpkins and gourds was so fantastic!

One of the many beautiful rural farms along our American road trip journey.

There was a barn of cattle ready to be auctioned as
well as the horses.

The pleasant clip clop of hooves was such a nice change from the normal hustle and bustle of
city traffic.

Maumee State Park Lake Erie in Ohio.

The gorgeous winery we visited in Pennsylvania.

Stain glass from a really old church on the side of the road in PA.

 We have reached the beautiful Niagara Falls! 
Say Cheese!

This view is across the way into Canada. Oh yeah eh!

A gorgeous rainbow bid us farewell
to this awe inspiring sight.

Some cool seed pod on the beach.

I love taking beautiful pictures and am so very thankful to have this opportunity! I want to take a photography
class really bad because I know there's much for me to learn. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Hey Peter and Megan,
    Thanks for the beautiful pictures and fun posts. I've been reading all of them, just don't always take the time to comment. It looks like you have had lots of fun times, taken in so many beautiful sites, and hopefully are growing closer to God, each other, country, and friends. We miss you. Keep the posts coming. I am **jelous** that you are going "off the beaten path to the Adirondacks". They are on my list of places I'd like to visit. Enjoy the Fall foilage in Vermont. The leaves are starting to change in Boone, but are a week or two off of their peak. Take care! xo Ashleigh Stroot

  2. ha, I meant to say **jealous**- sorry, it's almost midnight. hehe