Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Wow. I can't believe how long we have been at this. We are on our 5th week! It seems like forever but then it also seems like we could just keep going on. Nothing like a road trip to bring out some of the best and worst things in people and places, but I knew this would be such a great learning experience from God. Peter and I feel so close, just really best friends experiencing life together. We had such a great experience last night. While winding down from another busy day in Vermont we took a look up in the sky while at our campsite and were blown away by the beauty and brightness of the stars. Being so far out away from towns really makes a huge difference.

We took out our sleeping bags and just sat quietly in reflection and companionable silence for a while . . . and then of course I starting asking questions about stars, planets and thoughts of our trip and Peter being the dear he is obliged me with answers. Camping really is the best way to be: wake up with the light, take things slow, enjoy the simple things like camp fires and good beer, and going to bed when it's dark. Although I enjoy TV, movies, my nice kitchen and cute house and normal conveniences, I'd like to find a way to incorporate the camping type of lifestyle in our lives when we get back home more often. We all should.

When was the last time you enjoyed the stars, a sunrise or sunset, or just drove on a road with no where in mind to go?

I'll add pictures and our great activities we did in Vermont at a later time as I'm tired from all our driving and travels and we're off to Acadia tomorrow for lots of hiking, kayaking, and eating :)


Beautiful stars, obviously not a picture taken by me :)

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