Saturday, October 16, 2010

A NY Minute

Here are a few thoughts and things we learned about NY State the short while we were there:

1. I always heard Niagara Falls was so romantic but never figured why, but man it really is! :) It felt like a second honeymoon us just walking around hand in hand enjoying the beauty.

2. The taxes, toll charges and gas are way too high! Yikes!
3. NY drivers really drive crazy even when not near a city. We were on a back country road and were being passed like I was going 2 mph (which I was not).
4. Several places offered discounts for paying cash which is nice if you have cash on hand and not travelling so much.
5. The state of New York is so massive, much bigger than I ever thought and we didn't even go to NYC.

   Well that's all, we'd love to come back and do The Big Apple sometime when we can do it right!

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